UPDATE- High School English-Lit

Class Information for 2016-2017


The time has come in the home school community when folks begin to think about the next school year! So....here's a little info.

What: High School World Lit and Comp

When: Thursday Morning--possibly 10:15-12:30

Where: Blankinship or Cotuna Home

Note: We plan to have class in a morning slot, offer lunch fellowship afterwards, and then by 1:00, those that are taking Steve Noble's Christian Ethics class can carpool over to Colonial.

World Lit-Comp ( Focus on Antiquity)

Class List:

Robbie Blankinship

Addison Brown

Cam Burns

Hannah Burch

Hanna Cotuna

Sarah Moore

Owen Stoddard

Andrew Walston

Will Whittington


For Literature, students will read a variety of classic and modern texts that will often be paired with a current topic. Some possible texts include: The Odyssey, assorted Greek and Roman Myths, Julius Caesar, selections from Plato's Republic, The Cat of Bu-bastes, Persepolis, The Breadwinner Series, Agatha Christie's Murder on the Nile, Adam and His Kin, The Eternal Argument, How to Read Like a Literature Professor, The Glass Castle and others.

For Composition, we will move from our current focus on Literature Analysis essays to more Argumentative and Research Writing. In the past, I have seen great success as the students worked through IEW's Writing Research Papers and am considering using it again. It is similar to The Elegant Essay in the way that it breaks the process down into smaller manageable steps. As the new SAT asks students to deconstruct and evaluate a piece of writing, we will work to write our own Persuasive Essays, as well as take apart other's work to evaluate their argument.