Cook's Counseling Corner

Information about the guidance program at MES

January 6-8 and January 11-15

Wednesday - Hartselle, Mobley, Marsh, Skipper

Thursday - Cotton, DesRochers, Stegherr, Wilson

Friday - Tuttle, Phillips, Learning Academy

Monday - Crutcher

Tuesday - Ruffin, Griffin, Vidaurri, Mittman

Wednesday - Lilienthal, Shelton, Fuller

Thursday -- Dobbs, Marrazzo, Kelley

Friday -- Williams, Trainer, Learning Academy

*In the event of snow days/delays, I will do the best I can. I hope you know your students mean a lot to me, and guidance lessons are very important to me. I know last year was crazy with missed days. Hopefully we can avoid too many missed days and enjoy those weather days in the spring!

Info for Class - January 5-8

For the next two weeks we will focus on setting goals. Second, Third, and Fourth grade will focus on how to be a better friend. I chose that goal for them. We will discuss roles of a good friend and how to maintain those friendships. This is something I feel like they can benefit from to have better relationships with their peers.

Fifth grade will "Ring in the New Year." We will discuss resolutions and decide what we want in order to be our best selves. The students will create a selfie of what they feel is their best self.

November Character Trait -- Thankful January -- Generous

I'm still missing some names for November. Please make sure you fill for your student of the month so I can get those selfies made on Wednesday. I'm a little behind, but December was much crazier than I thought it would be. Being thankful has two parts. One is being grateful for all that we have and what people say and do for us. The other part is taking the time to show our appreciation by telling others or writing a note. I believe that being thankful is a very important characteristic in children.

December and January will both focus on being generous. Since I'm behind I'll let December and January be the same character trait and you will select just one student at the end of the month. That'll help me get caught back up!

Here are the remaining Character Traits:

January - Generous

February - Tolerance

March - Fair

April - Honest

May - Cooperative

Cook's Counseling Crew

Cook's Counseling Crew will be CANCELLED this Thursday, but we will meet back next Thursday at 7:30am! Please remind your students :)

Referral Sheet

Remember if you have a student you are concerned with, you can fill out the referral sheet. It notifies me when you send it that I have a student I need to meet with, and it's documentation.

As always, if it's an emergency email is usually the best way to get in touch with me because I ALMOST always have my phone on me. You can always text me as well (256-542-8798).

Staff Spotlight: Katie Tuttle

As I sat through the PD yesterday, I could not help but think, "I think this presentation should be called: Be more Tuttle." Mrs. Tuttle is an amazing teacher, and parents/staff are quick to tell me. I love hearing about the new and cool things she incorporates into her classroom. I loved seeing how many parents shared her post on the Madison Elementary Facebook page.

She really encourages her students to be thinkers. They are given freedom to be curious and discover answers. She pushes out the box thinking, and it makes those kids stronger. It gives me peace of mind that my own children will get to experience this kind of teaching.

Mrs. Tuttle is not the only one who has such rigor. I see it everywhere. I showed my husband the Makerspace video last night and told him that would one day be a part of our school. Being his Negative Nancy self, his response was, "Elementary kids can't do those kinds of things. They have to be taught, and that takes too much time. A child can't program." I cannot wait for him to eat those words when Charli and Carson become Madison Elementary babies.

My Wonderful, Not Stressful at All Christmas Break