Madame Dogbe's French I AB & A

Class Course updates week ending 1/23/15

Bonjour Parents et Etudiants!!

I hope everyone is settling into the routine. I want to welcome our week 16 session students.
Make sure to read through your syllabus located under the teacher information widget. Print your schedule out and make sure you have written down your assignments and the due dates for them. It will allow you to pace yourself.
Remember that the grammar and vocabulary quizzes are not graded items however they are extremely important for your success on the unit tests.
It is also important to keep in mind that technical difficulties are not an excuse and you need to secure back up in such cases. Make sure to go over the technical requirements for GAVS in the student handbook as well as view the helpful links in the course home page.


Make sure you are reading the requirements for each assignments. Look over the rubric to know what you will be graded on. You have the ability to use any medium to display your work however it is your responsibility to meet the requirements from the rubric. If your medium does not allow you to write, make sure to add the script separately. In the same token if audio is not a feature of your medium make sure to add a separate audio file to the drop box.
For discussions, most will require you to have audio. You may use whatever medium you have access to, to record your audio. A free web site I recommend is

What to watch out for

I have noticed some areas where some students are struggling. Below are some helpful links:
- Difference between "Tu" and "Vous":
- Conjugation of the verb "Avoir":
- Elision: In French a word starting with a vowel or an "h" cannot follow the following words: je, me, te, se, le, la, de, ne ,que ,jusque. You will need to make use of an apostrophe and drop the e :
- Using the verb to have (Avoir) when it come to saying your age: You say "J'ai 15 ans" and not "Je suis 15 ans". This would be the literal translation from English which is incorrect in this rare case.


Make sure to check your grade book to see where your stand. A grade below 70% is failing. However know that you can always make up your grade if you ask for help. I will be providing extra credit assignments to help those who need it or anyone who would like to improve their grade. Look out on your homepage for these. They will be titled "Differentiation".


Since I am a part time teacher here at GVS my work times are in the evening. I therefore am unable to respond to most messages before the evening. I also have 3 days from your submission to grade your assignments. Thank you for your patience.