San Antonio

Mariam Flores

The Best Place to Go

Are you planing to go on a vaction? You should go to San Antonio. Would you like to go on a long nice ride,a place to see history,and a wonderful place to see the veiw of San Antonio.


The Riverwalk has many thing you can do. You can get on a boat and have amazing ride,to look at the tall bilding. If your hungy you can go to one of the restrants,like the Animal caffae,to taste the wonderful food. Shopping at the Rivercity mall ,vistors can buy something to remeber San Antonio.


To look at the history of San Antonio go to the Alamo. You can see what happen in the Battle of the Alamo. Well, sometime you can hear the people scarming,cring, and gun shots. The People how died there you can read about them.You can even see the move of the Alamo.

The Tower of America

The Tower of America ,is the best place you can go,because you can see the beautiful view of San Antonio.The Tower of America is 750 feet tall,but it was wroth bulding it. Well if you want dinner you can go to the last floor,you can already smell the meet,fish,and chicken.It the best part ever.

So did I convence you to come to San Antonio? You can see these wonderful places,were you can't see no were eles,and you can have a great time with your family.