Jumping The Nail


My summary of jumping the nail is there were this couple scooter and elisa, and elisa would do anythingfor scooter. On the other hand scooter was a jerk and didnt care about elisa all that much. Then there was this other couple dru and mike and they loved each other. Scooter had told everyone him and elisa were going to jump off the clif into the water. Several kids had done it before. Some were successful in jumping, others had been seriously injured or dead. One girl had gone over the clif in an automobil, and drowned. this story deals with what happened in scooter and elisa's life when they jump off the clif, and elisa sees the dead girl in the automobil.

Main characters in jumping the nail

The main characters in my story are Dru,Mike,ElIsa, and Scooter. Dru is Mike's girlfriend. She is also the one telling the story. Dru is Elisa's best friend. In this story Dru trys to help Elisa with her problems. Mike is Dru's boyfriend. Mike helps Dru when she really needs him and needs to be comforted. The next character is Elisa and when Elisa sees the dead girl Elisa starts having all these problems. The last character is Scooter and he is a mean boyfriend that everybody loves but really he's a big jerk.

The Story of "Jumping The Nail"

There is a cliff located in California where kids went to watch the ocean and sometimes jump off the cliff. On the day Scooter and Elisa were going to jump, Mike and Dru thought they would go and watch. When Dru and Mike got to the cliff Scooter and Elisa weren't there yet. Five to ten minutes later, after Dru and Mike had shown up, here came Scooter and Elisa on Scooter's little bike. They were dressed in black wet suits. When they were about to jump Dru stopped her and told Elisa not to jump but Elisa went on instead. Once they jumped Scooter came up, but it took about another two minutes before Elisa came up. After Elisa had gotten home that night, Mike dropped Dru off on the way home. When Dru went in she went straight to Elisa's room and saw that Elisa laying in bed with her wet clothes still on. Dru helped Elisa get fresh clothes on and told Elisa to go to bed. Then Elisa told Dru that the drowned had grabbed her leg and told her to stay. After Dru was there for a while Scooter came to Elisa's house and wanted her to get ready because Diane was throwing a congraulations party. So even though Elisa wasn't feeling good she got ready and went. Elisa asked Dru if she would go and Dru said " yes, of course ". When Mike and Dru got there they were about to dance when it was time to reward Scooter and Elisa. After dancing they put the crowns on Scooter and Elisa like little seaweed crowns. After everything was almost over these brothers ( Tom and Grant ) came in and said "We are going to jump tonight". When they jumped, Grant had hit his head on the rocks and he had to get twenty-seven stitches in his head. When Dru got up the next morning the phone was ringing and when her mom answered it, it was Elisa's mom calling to say she couldn't find Elisa. Then Dru called all around and nobody knew where Elisa was. She went looking for her. When she and Mike gott to the cliff they had found that Elisa had drove her car over the cliff and drowned. The divers ttried three days to get Elisa out of the car but they couldnt so they left her.