4th Grade Need to Know


MAP Testing

I met with Katie, Tim, and the GLC's from SPED, 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade on January 4th to discuss the latest info the office has about MAP testing. Right now testing is scheduled to be the weeks of April 11-May 5th for Castlio. Third grade will test the first week, 5th grade the next two weeks, and Fourth grade will test on May 4-5. That is a Wednesday and Thursday. We would have started testing on Tuesday, May 3rd, but that is the morning of the 5th grade musical which we always attend. We will test ELA the first day and Math the second day. Make up testing will be the next week. Be thinking about which devices you would like to use for your classroom. We will have the Chrome Books and laptops available to use, as well as the computer lab. If you want to use the devices you used last year, that might be beneficial because you already have experience with them. I used the lab and would like to do so again unless someone else wants to. Be sure to check with your students to see who has headphones. If they haven't brought in a pair, or they won't be able to bring in any, Katie will make sure you get some as long as you let her know. She doesn't need to know until a week or two before our testing date. Realize that all of the above is tentative until they get the finalized information from the powers that be. MAP Kickoff will be Friday, April 8. Be thinking about ideas for the MAP celebration for after testing. We told Tim and Katie that we did not want it to coincide with whole school activities as was done last year. If you forgot, MAP Celebration was tied in with the ice cream social/yearbook signing. If you have questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them or get you the answers.