Orlando, Florida

  • 2013 estimate - 255,483
  • 77th largest city in the United States
  • Fifth largest city in Florida
  • Unemployment rate; 4.8% (Dec 2014)
  • Jobs for young teens includes working at the amusement parks
  • Climate has characteristics of a tropical climate
  • Two major films seasons of the year
  • One is hot and rainy, lasting from May until late September (depending on the Atlantic Hurricane Season)
  • The other is dry, relatively cool season, lasting from early October through April, less frequent rainfall yet still warm temperatures
  • Orlando uses the Lynx bus system as well as a downtown bus service called Lymmo
  • Greyhound Lines provide bus services from Orlando to multiple locations across the country
  • Orlando has 3 Airports
- Orlando International Airport is Orlando's main airport. It is the second busiest airport in Florida

-Orlando Stanford International Airport serves as a secondary airport to the region

-Orlando Executive Airport is near downtown Orlando and serves primarily executive jets, flight training schools, and general small air-crafts

  • Orlando experiences traffic jams daily
  • Prices in Greater Orlando went up 37.08% in one year
  • Median of $182,300 in Nov 2004 to $249,900 Nov 2005
  • Peaked at $264,436 in july 2007
  • The median dropped below $100,000 in 2010 before settling around $110,000 in 2011
  • As of April 2012, the median home price is $116,000
  • Home to many different resorts and parks such as:
-Walt Disney World Resort

-Universal Orlando Resort

-Seaworld Orlando

Crime Rates:

  • Murders- 24
  • Robberies-603
  • Assults-1,778
  • Burglaries -3,778
  • Larceny-theft-11,222
  • Motor vehicle theft-1,304
  • Arson-36
  • Rapes-34
  • Public and primary schools are handled by Orange County Public Schools