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First Grade rm 101

Learning Goals

morning meeting - getting to know our friends

readers read across the genres

readers have to be ready to think when they start to read

readers ask questions when reading

readers make predictions

readers know the main topic

sight words

word work

test preparing for Terra Nova

writers can write fiction fake stories with made up characters

writers add detailed pictures

writers divide their stories into chapters

writers create a "boxed set" for their stories

money - identfy and know value of quarter, dime, nickle, penny

time - to the hour and the half hour

habitats - ocean, forest, wetland, desert

Specials next week:

m- pe

t- music

w- art

th - pe

f- library/computer

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Please vote on April 4th!

No-Tax-Increase Bond Issue:

Schools in the Park Hill School District are getting crowded.

Many families move to our community just to send their children to our schools, and this means we need to keep up with our growing enrollment. For several years, we have been planning ahead to deal with this growth. We got feedback from the community, including students, staff and parents, to help the Park Hill Board of Education develop an enrollment-based long-range facility plan.

The community told us that it was important to have enough classroom space in our schools, to maintain our existing buildings, to keep class sizes low and to have simple feeder patterns. The long-range facility plan we created with all this feedback has enrollment targets. Since our enrollment continues to grow and hit those targets, we installed mobile classrooms at several schools this year.

However, our community told us they do not want us to use these as long-term solutions to our crowding.

So, in keeping with the next step of our plan, as we hit our enrollment targets, the Board of Education decided to place a no-tax-increase bond issue question on the April 4 ballot. Voters will decide whether to take on an additional $110 million in debt to pay for facilities to accommodate our growth, including

  • A new elementary school

  • A new middle school

  • A high school innovation studio

  • A district warehouse and support services facility to support our classrooms and maintain our facilities

  • Improvements to existing facilities

    If economic conditions leave enough proceeds from the bond issue, we would also

  • Build a transportation center, which could save us money on busing

  • Pay for maintenance projects in our existing facilities

    It is possible to pay for these projects with no tax increase because of our Board’s careful money management and good financial stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Thanks to the Board's conservative budgeting, we have enough room in our debt service levy to issue bonds to cover the cost of these new schools and projects with no tax increase.

    Spotlight on Bond Projects: Support Services and Other Projects

    Our enrollment has grown by 2,815 students since 1997. We have also added a new high school, three new elementary schools, an early childhood center and a day school since 1997. However, we actually have less space for the services to support all those schools than we did in that year. Our maintenance areas, receiving dock, food service storage, warehouse, carpentry shop, vehicle bays, and processing areas for instructional resources and equipment are crowded into a small space in the underground at Park University. These are essential functions to make sure our classrooms are safe, comfortable, efficient places to learn. The no-tax-increase bond issue would cover a facility with adequate space for these support services.

    Bus Facility:

    If economic conditions leave enough in the proceeds from the no-tax-increase bond issue, we would add a transportation facility. Currently, we contract with First Student for our bus services, and First Student owns its own facility. By building our own space for buses, we expect to get more competitive bids for our transportation services and give ourselves more flexibility to save money on this in the future.

    Maintenance Projects:

    If economic conditions leave enough in the proceeds from the no-tax-increase bond issue, we would be able to pay for some of the maintenance of our existing schools. This would allow us to put these projects on a consistent maintenance schedule, preventing problems like leaky roofs, broken air conditioners and major potholes.

For more information about Park Hill’s no-tax-increase bond issue, please visit the district’s website at

Paid for by the Park Hill School District
Dr. Jeanette Cowherd, superintendent
7703 NW Barry Road
Kansas City, MO 64153

The above link can be used to register for Summer School

Summer school details

Park Hill Summer School will offer a full-day program and include transportation. Summer school bus routes and stops may vary from those of the regular school year and will be assigned based on student enrollment turned in by May 12. Enrollees after this date will be assigned to an existing bus stop.

You can also purchase meals for your child during summer school, just as you can during the school year.

To make sure transportation is available for your child, please complete and return the form to your school office by Friday, May 12. Summer school dates are May 31–June 30 (pending snow days).