Michael Jordan

"...person he tries to outdo most of the time is himself."

Biographical information

  • Born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York
  • Full name was Michael Jeffrey Jordan
  • His parents were James and Deloris Jordan
  • Brothers: James, Larry Sisters: Deloris and Roslyn
  • Went to Laney High School
  • Went to University of North Carolina
  • Played in the NBA and won 6 NBA Championships
  • Played on Chicago Bulls when won Championships
  • Married Juanita Vanoy
  • 3 children: Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine
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Coming of Age

Michael Jordan's determination working harder as a teenager led him to become a legend as an adult in the NBA.

Michael Jordan always had a competitive edge at an early age since he grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. He wanted to win every game he played. As a child he played basketball, baseball, and football, but his favorite was baseball. He got MVP on his baseball team. Michael went to public schools in North Carolina. He wasn't always highly regarded as a basketball player at first. Michael name wasn't even on the list for the junior varsity team. He didn't do well in school and when he was in high school he got suspended 3 times for having bad grades. His dad told him he wouldn't get into a college if he didn't study harder. So Michael started studying harder when he became the superstar of his high schools basketball team. "Whenever I was working out and got tired and figured I ought to stop, I'd close my eyes and see that list in the locker room without my name on it," Jordan said, "and that usually got me going again" (Schwartz)

Soon, Michael graduated from high school in 1981 and many colleges wanted him as a basketball player on their team. Michael chose the University of North Carolina which had a good basketball team. The university had great records while he was at that school. Michael played on the team for 3 years. In his freshman year he made the winning shot in the NCAA Championship in 1982. Also in his last two years he won Player of the Year. After those 3 years, Michael decided to join the NBA. He did finish his college degree in 1986, after he went into the NBA. He was chosen in the first round of the draft by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. Michael got Rookie of the Year in his first year and he won 2 gold medals in the Summer Olympics. Michael won 3 straight championships in the NBA then, took a break to play baseball. After won year of baseball he came back to basketball and won 3 more straight championships also with the Bulls. Michael retired in 1998, but came back to play in 2001 and the 2002-2003 season with the Washington Wizards. Finally, he retired for good. Michael completed his career, won 6 championships, worked hard to get there and he is remembered as a legend because of it.

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Michael was impacted as a teen and in the NBA a lot throughout life. For example, when he got suspended from school 3 times. This impacted him because he wanted to play college ball and in the NBA, but if he didn't start studying more he would not have made it to the NBA and he would not have been so famous. Michael's family shaped him by them telling him to do well in school and always try his best so he never quit or gave up. Lastly, an experience that helped Michael was when he was in high school and didn't make the junior varsity basketball team. It influenced him because ever since he didn't make the team he pushed himself to always work harder at everything.

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