Liza strelkovska



Liza real name is Yelezalveta . She is 14 years old and was born in march 4th 2002 . Her father Vallier is a constructor and her mother Larisa is usually in the house helping around. She also has a brother named Anton.

Early life and places visited

She lives in Mississauga with herr family and she grew up in Ukraine Vinnytsa. She moved to Russia for 2 weeks to move to Canada. She's travelled to Vancouver, Montreal, Portland, Ukraine, BC,Seattle and She is going to Italy soon in Rome and somewhere else in Italy.

Academic strengths and dreams

Her academic strengths and talents are dancing, acting, math and geography. She is aiming to become an architect when she becomes older. She want to become an architect because she has talent and she has a big passion. She wants to be good at it because her dad is a constructor and she can learn fast.


Her hobbies and favourite things to do are swimming, dancing, riding and drawing . She hangs out with her friends and eating food and going to the mall with them. She hates not being herself and doing Russian homework.