The Dust Bowl

What caused the dust bowl

Why did the first dust bowl occur?

The dust bowl was a dust storm that has many causes to it. One of the causes for the dust bowl is the drought. The drought occurred in the plains. The area which was most affected was Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, And New Mexico(Foundation, WGBH Educational). The another reason for the dust bowl is wind erosion. Failure to apply dryland farming was also a cause of the dirty thirties(Steinbeck, John F)

How another dust bowl could happen.

There is a possibility of another dust bowl. One of the causes of another dust bowl would be a drought in California. How humans react to the environment can cause another dust bowl (Smithsonian). The scientists have noticed abnormal sea surface temperature just like the last dust bowl.Scientists predict that the hot and dry weather will continue and worsen the drought(discovery). Although there are many causes for a future dust bowl, the drought is the main cause for the dust bowl. The western half of the us is going to be affected the most.

Things you can do to prevent another dust bowl.

A way that you can coussion the blow is by planting trees.Planting trees will hold the dirt to the ground so that the dirt will not be lose.Planting trees will help the earth and the dust bowl. The trees will keep the dirt tight and packed in so it wont move freely.Another thing you can do is water your lawn daily so that the ground will be moist.If we continue to do this the drought may soffen.If we continue to do this the chances of another dust bowl.


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