Desicions! Decisions! Decide!

By: Ashley Brennen

The 6-steps!

Step one and two: The first two steps are define your decision, and estimate the resource avaliable. The first thing I did in my decision between “Beats” and “Skull candy” was ask myself what pair of headphones I should buy. I defined that I was going to get the ice cream and I narrowed it down to “Beats” and “Skull candy” headphones. The second step, estimate the resource available, I compare the two sets headphones. The “Beats” Solos at regular price are $286.99. The “Skull candy” Aviators headphones at regular price are $149.95. The resources are: Transportation, A store that sells then near bye, and a $300 budget. Which ones should I get?

Step three and four:

The third and fourth steps are consider the alternatives and information gathered. When deciding on whether to buy the “Beats” or the “Skull candy” headphones, you have to consider your alternatives. There are two alternatives I have to consider when deciding to get the “Beats” or “Skull candy” headphones. The first alternative I have to consider is the $286.99 “Beats.” Although these beats are very expensive they are very high in quality, but consider the amount of money I have I might not be able to get anything else besides the “Beats.” The second alternative I have to consider are the $149.95 “Skull candy” headphones. These are not as expensive as the “Beats” but do they have the same quality. If I were to get these I might be able to get a few more things to go with them, with the left over money.

Step five and six, plus the conclusion:

The fifth and sixth steps are Decide, and Evaluate the decision. The headphones that I am going to buy are the “Beats.” I believe that I have made the right decision, the “Beats” are much better than the “Skull candy” headphones. They are much more durable and long lasting and are high quality. I am very happing with my decision. In conclusion I would rather get a more expensive pair of headphones, that’s adjustable, more comfortable, and durable. It was a very hard decision, but the 4-H decision making model has helped me out a lot and I bet it will help you too.

Its so hard to choose!!!!