Coniferous Forests

By: Aden Mire, Period 6

Biotic Factors

There are Conifer Trees, Evergreen Trees, and Bears as Biotic factors.

Abiotic Factors

Rocks, soil, and water are abiotic factors.
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Coniferous Forests actually lie close to, and rarely in, the arctic circle. Because of that, winters are sometimes -40 degrees but in summer, a pleasant 70. Because of the radical season change, all organisms have to be able to deal with temperature change. Even though there are freezing winters, the Coniferous forests actually host many animals. Because of the Conifer Tree's acidic needles, which fall to the ground when they die, all producers need to be able to grow in acidic soil.

Human interaction

Humans just don't do anything to help the forests. What we do is we cut down the soft wood trees for paper. Also, we destroy various habitats for endangered species!

Cool Facts

I found out that some trees actually grow over 200 meters tall!