For The Expecting Mother

First trimester

The mother will not know she is pregnant until she has a missed period . The fetus will start growing through the embryo; and then the embryo forms the heart . The fetus will start growing after 8 weeks . The mother will have to monitor the drugs she intakes while in this stage , its a very uncomfortable time for the mother. She will also endure cravings , different things she hasnt craved before .

Second Trimester

The fetus gets nurtients from the placenta . The fetus will also go under metamorphasis . The mothers morning sickness usually ends and she starts to feel a little better. The baby starts to sprout ; its hair and ears start to grow . The baby will also be able to move around and hear things that the nany probably didnt hear before.

Third Trimester

During this time the baby is known to be full term . The mother has to go through swollen ankles and backaches which is very uncomfortbale. The mother also has a lot more anxiety then she has before. The baby also can open and close its eyes just to practice the blinking method.

Advice For Fathers

The father has had no problems with the preganancy except dealing with the upset mother. The father can be a good support system for the mother and the child. The father also helps with getting things straight together