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2022 New Year Celebration Was a Blast!

2022 新春聯歡會大成功!

Thank you, everyone, for participating in another successful celebration of this Lunar New Year - Year of the Tiger.

We are grateful that you participated in the folklores & folk games, watched children's performance, and enjoyed the delicious dishes.

Shout-out to the CAoC team, student volunteers from Beachwood High School, and lovely friends who prepared all the authentic Taiwanese foods.

All proceeds benefit the CAoC. We appreciate your generous support.

Once again, we wish you plenty of wealth and health in every aspect of your life in 2022!


謝謝 遊戲活動設計 & 表演節目統籌 的 CAoC 團隊, Beachwood 高中學生志工們的支援, 以及準備傳統台灣經典美食的朋友們!



虎哩平安健康! 心想事成! 虎哩今年發大財!

More Highlights: Video clips & Photos!

精彩花絮: 影片 & 照片!

CSL Intermediate Project-based learning

Starting in January, CSL Intermediate students have been working on a fundraising project as their project-based learning theme. As a group, they have picked Animal Care Trust as the non-profit organization to raise fund for. In order to raise the fund, they were selling Chinese goodies during the New Year celebration. We wanted to extend our sincere gratitude for your contributions. Besides the money, we believe they all had fun selling the goodies in Chinese!

In addition, each student also wrote a letter to the organization to express their genuine care for the animals. This project is meaningful in many different levels. Most importantly, it connects the children's learning with a real purpose which benefits the society.

And good job, CSL Intermediate students!

2022 暑期夏令營 CAoC Summer Camp

Survey of Interest

CAoC is planning on holding a 5-day in-person day camp in summer 2022.

Please fill out this survey to let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for your feedback!

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