Mrs. Blalock's Bulletin

Class Update 1/19/16

Dates to Remember

  • January 22-Report Cards Sent Home
  • January 25- Winter Math MAP Testing

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In Chapter 9, we will record and analyze data. Students will create picture graphs, bar graphs and line plots. They will ask and answer questions about the data from their graphs and line plots.

Students will continue studying facts by heart. Fact Quizzes will be on Thursdays.

Links for additional practice to explore with your child if you like:

Language Arts

In Reading, students will determine the central ideas and locate supporting details in multi-paragraph text.

In Word Study, we continue to study high frequency words and spelling patterns.

  • Week 1/19-Lesson 30- Vowels followed by r: ir, or
  • Week 1/25 Lesson 31- Two syllable words ending in consonant + y

In writing, students will write letters to Frosty persuading him to send snow and write snow poetry including examples of figurative language.


In Science, we will study weather. Each student will have the opportunity to be the "Meteorologist for the Day" by sharing the weather forecast at morning meeting for our class. Please assist your child on their day to prepare the forecast.

Weather Watch

The Weather Game

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