Sports Statistician Wanted

Have you ever dreamed of having a sports-related job? Have you ever longed to become an analyst? Well now, here's your chance! The Surmacz Sports Channel (SSPC) is seeking out Sports Statisticians to help analyze the National Hockey League (NHL).

Benefits of working through SSPC:

-- You will be guaranteed healthcare coverage under our company's government-funded plan.

-- You will be exposed to a variety of different places, people, cultures, and experiences, as SSPC travels across the country for top-notch sports coverage.

-- You will have the opportunity to work hands-on with updated information and a fast-paced workplace.

-- Your minimum starting salary can range anywhere from $38,500-$47,000 annually.

-- You will have access to sports files and databases not found anywhere else in the nation, as you will often use this information to create daily reports.

-- You will become an important part of the newscast itself, as everything in sports is statistically based! You will be responsible for the information that allows our writers to produce and write a show.

-- You will have co-workers and authority figures that have similar work ethic and personalities to your own. Your best interests will always be kept in mind!

-- You will be allowed a 10-day vacation period at any time during the calendar year, as long as the company is notified two months prior.


-- Bachelor's degree in Sports Statistics (preferred).

-- Have studied works in Public Relations and Information Distribution.

-- Experience in the workforce.

-- Keen knowledge of sports, both current and historical (including but not limited to: sports trivia, championship history, and records).

Mail out resume and credentials to the following address:

The Surmacz Sports Network

121 First Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15272

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