How to become more Flexible

Eloise Maher

Forcing yourself won't improve your flexibility

To start off, forcing yourself could bring on injuries but on the other hand foxing yourself won't even make you more flexibility. Forcing yourself into a position may get you there first off but you will be in pain and won't be able to go into that position again with out hurting yourself continuously.

step 1. Get a Goal!

Gain a flexibility goal. Gaining a goal will make you more focused and wanting to get to your goal will make you want to practise more and more. practising more will get you too your goal faster and if you practise and ease into it each practise you will get more and more relaxed into the position making you more flexible.

step 2. Find whats holding you back!

What part of the body is actually too tight. it may be hard to reach your toes so your hamstrings are too tight, but in fact it could be your lower back or glutes.

This website can help you choose which part of your body is holding you back;

step 3. Slow down!

Don't go go off too fast, in fact slow down. th faster you go the higher risk of injury. Also as i said before the more you do it, at an easy pace, the better you will be at it, maybe so much it could become second nature.

step 4. Practise.

I've said it heaps of times and i meant it. the more you practice the better. Five minutes or half an hour it doesn't matter once a day and you'll be getting more and more flexible to reach your goal. After all practise makes perfect.
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