Swine Identification

Basil Watson

Importance to producers

the main three reasons why swine id is important to the producers because of:
  • Safety
  • Record management
  • easier

Swine id makes the swine industry more safe because:
  • it helps to identify what farm a pig came from, so you can make sure they are free of illness.
  • you wont give the wrong swine the wrong medication.
  • you can record the movement of a pig, which helps with disease outbreak.

Swine id is a form or record management because:

  • you can record if a pig was sick.
  • if your treating a pig you can know which pig needs the medication or which pig was already treated.
  • you can mark which pigs are going to be slaughtered and which pigs you are keeping for breeding

Swine id makes the swine industry easier because:

  • your swine will be organized
  • you can find out which swine had which medication
  • you can prevent disease outbreak

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Importance to consumers

The main reasons why swine id is important to the consumers because:
  • The safety of the meat
  • It makes it easier on the producer which makes it easier on the consumer.

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Record management- keeping a record on medications, births, sickness, ect.

Specific Recomendations

There are two methods of identification. there is temporary identification, and permanent identification.

Temporary identification include:
  • ear tags

permanent identification include:

  • ear notching
  • tattooing