"Everything is possible"

Just needed a little faith,And everything can change

How it all began...

I have a neighbor named Noga and disabled due to polio.

This disease polio broke out in the 50s of the last century, and came to Israel

In 1950 to 1954, and it got sick about 4700 people and 760 people died because of this disease. Israel today has about 200 remains polio virus.

Let's talk about a strong woman.

Noga my neighbor, who has had childhood polio virus injured her spine.

Today is confined to a wheelchair.

When she was young she used crutches to walk with them.

When she was little she could not play with her friends and be equal to them.

She always dreamed to play sports but her disability did not allow it.

Today she is fulfilling her dream, as she only sports teacher with a wheelchair,

And get over her disability.

Just do not lose hope !!

"I almost lost my faith"

Noga says, a few years after she got sick with the virus.

"I could not play with my friends, will not participate in sports,

I built special crutches with whom I play with my friends, but They always broken. "

Noga says that in the end she used a wheelchair and she thought she could not fulfill her dream in sports

And today is a sports teacher in high school.