4th Grade May Newsletter

NeSA Testing

We want to start this newsletter by giving a big shout-out to all of the 4th grade students. They have all worked very hard this year. We want to recognize all students for the tremendous amount of hard work and effort put forth on their NeSA tests. Great work 4th grade!! You are done with NeSA testing! :) Thank you to parents/guardians for helping your student(s) along the way as well. As a reward for their hard work, students are having a movie afternoon on Friday, May 1st! :)


4th Graders:

We would like to remind you of a few things for our zoo field trip on FRIDAY, MAY 15TH. Remember, this is still a school day, so we expect you to follow the rules for riding a bus and being in a public place. This means no gum, candy, and nuisance items.


Please remember to wear comfortable shoes. We will be walking a lot! Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. If it rains, we are still going. Please dress accordingly.


You may bring a backpack with any of the following items. However, you are responsible for your own backpack. They may be kept on the bus if you wish.

--bottled water --binoculars

--sunscreen --sunglasses

--hat --camera


Please pack your lunch in a disposable container like a paper bag. You may bring a disposable drink for lunch if you wish. If you bought a school lunch, you may bring a disposable drink. Coolers will be provided for your drinks.



Biography Living Time Line - Tuesday, May 19th 1:45-2:45 PM Beattie Caffeteria


4th grade students have been working on researching and writing a biography about a famous person of their choosing. Students are putting a great deal of work into this project as they have to read and take notes from a book and internet source. Next, they use those notes to formulate paragraphs about their person. After creating a lead and conclusion, they organize their paragraphs into a spectacular biography.

To reward students for all the effort they are putting into this project, we will be having a Living Time Line event where students will dress up as the person whom their biography is about. Students will memorize information (or read from note cards) and present to the student body and families. Students will create a poster board with pictures, facts, and other information about their person (WE HAVE BOARDS FOR STUDENTS TO USE!). Students can also dress up as their character. Students may bring props that their person would have used, or that are associated with the person.

The students and teachers are very excited for this event! It will be an amazing opportunity for students to show what they have learned in a fun, interactive, and entertaining way. Please join us on May 19th for the Living Time Line celebration.

If your student needs help with an outfit please contact your child's teacher. Also, if your student chooses to not dress up, that's okay, try to find a prop for them to bring instead. Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to your child's teacher. Thank you! :)