Why I should have a Black Lab

Also extra info about the types of labs

Black Labs, as pets

They are very intelligent and energetic and absolutely love praise and attention. Black Labs are very fond of the water, which is why they have slightly webbed feet.

The Black Lab was originally found in Newfoundland, and was a cross between the St. John's Water Dog and the Newfoundland Dog.

They are fairly large animals, weighing from 40 - 120 pounds and have very smooth coats, short hair, and extremely powerful tails. Their coat is also mostly waterproof, which combined with their strong tail and webbed feet make them excellent swimmers.

Why would this type of dog would be good for me

Because it would teach me more responsibility then the dog we have now because the dog we have now is mostly yours and Dads, so if I had my own dog I would spend more time with him and train him and Driver would help him with training and he could be a play mate to Driver and because we've had two dogs before and I know you like Black Labs. All in all Black Labs make great play mates for other dogs and house dogs.

Some of the kinds of labs

More Black Labs Pics at 8 weeks

Black Labs as 2 years old