Welcome to JJ's!

Jake Watson & Joshua Heerman

1234 Land St. The Best Breakfast you’ll ever have!


Orange Juice (1.50)

(Freshly Squeezed Oranges)

White or Chocolate Milk (1.50)

(Fresh Milk Straight From The Cow)

Soft Drinks (1.40)

(Dr.Pepper, Root Beer, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke)

Hot Chocolate (2.00)

(Warm and delicious hot chocolate with whip cream on the top)

Tea (1.50

(Sweet or unsweetened tea)

Coffee (1.40)

(Straight black coffee. Sugar is provided on the tables)


Hash Browns (1.50)



(Canadian, or turkey bacon)

Scrambled Eggs(1.50)

(Fresh eggs scrambled with warm gooey cheese)


Strawberry Shortcake (4.40)

(Delicious strawberry cake with freshly made whip cream)

JJ’s Special Cinnamon Roll (5.50)

(JJ’s special recipe makes the best, tastiest cinnamon rolls in town!)

Delicious Donuts (5.00)

(Fresh glazed, or gooey chocolate)

Main Dishes-

Fruity Pancakes(7.50)

(Blueberry, banana, or strawberry)

Eggcellent Omelet (8.00)

(Warm eggs packed inside a delicious omelet, topped off with cheese)

Triple Stacked Blueberry Pancake Delight (8.50)

(Three pancakes stacked together, packed with yummy blueberries)

Strawberry Chocolate Pancakes (8.00)

(Strawberry and gooey chocolatey pancakes)

Wonderful Waffles (7.50)

(Delicious, plain waffles of yumminess)

Chocolate Waffles (8.00)

(Gooey chocolate waffles. Fresh and yummy)

Bacon, Sausage, and Egg Biscuit (7.50)

(Biscuits full of bacon, sausage, and eggs. Absolutely delicious!)

Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Egg,and Cheese Biscuit (8.00)

(Biscuits full of bacon sausage ham eggs and cheese. Absolutely mouthwatering!)

Breakfast Quesadilla Delight (8.00)

(Delicious egg and cheese quesadillas)


Yummy Fruity Pancake (5.00)

Eggs and Biscuit (3.80)

Chocolate Waffle (3.80)


JJ’s Special Cinnamon Rolls (10.00)

JJ’s Fatty Special (10.00)

Healthy Choices-

Fruit Bowl (8.00)

Vegan Eggs (7.50)

Whole Grain Breakfast Burritos (9.00)