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Sherburn Hungate Weekly News - Spring Term - Issue 2

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A word from Mr Broom

It's been an incredibly busy yet exciting week in school. While the children have been working hard, the teachers have met with myself to go through our cycle of Pupil Progress Meetings. This is where each and every child's progress is discussed at a formal level so that we can gain a picture of where we expect outcomes to be. We can then plan activities to match the next set of learning steps.

One thing for sure is that our teachers know our children inside out! I was so impressed with the progress everyone is making and I'm looking forward to seeing the same again in another 12 weeks.

Meanwhile in class it's been exciting times. Mr Kelly's class have been completing acrostic poems based around the dragon's eye! The sensational artwork, coupled with amazing poetry, will be going on display around school. I can't wait.

At the other end of school I visited our Nursery class on Monday to share an item from the magic bag. This is where each teacher adds something to a bag that is special to them and then describes why to the children. It helps to build familiarity with adults for our youngest learners so that they get to know everyone really quickly. No surprises, my object was a Leeds scarf!

Have a lovely week ahead.

Snaps from the week!

School Attendance - Termly Review

It's important that children attend school regularly and at Sherburn Hungate we recognise that excellent attendance leads to excellent achievement. Fact!

Our attendance for this week is 96.1%, which is just above the national average. It's important that we all work on this so that we keep our our attendance up!

Our top attending class this week is Year 6 with 98%!

Snaps from the week!

Our Star Achievers this week

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What are we learning about this term?

Here's the learning journeys for each of our classes across school. They've been available under the planning section of our website but I've decided to include them on the newsletter for easy access.

Dates for Your Diary

22 Jan

1800 - 2000 Expansion Consultation Meeting - drop in meeting for staff / parents / carers

24 Jan

Y5 Forensic Science day at Sherburn High School - more details later

Y3 visit to Sherburn Library

25 Jan

Y1/Y2 trip to Magna

25 Jan

1205 - Special lunch for parents - Y4/5/6

31 Jan

Y4 visit to Sherburn Library

pm Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby Festival

4 Feb

pm Cross Country Final - more details later

7 Feb

Y1 visit to Sherburn Library

pm Cluster Dodgeball event

14 Feb

Y5 visit to Sherburn Library

21 Feb

Y6 visit to Sherburn Library

pm Girls' Football Festival

22 Feb

Break up for half term holiday

4 Mar

Back to school after half term holiday

Co-op Parking

We've been asked by the Co-op management to remind parents to park considerately when dropping off and collecting children from school. There have been instances where cars have parked over two bays and fines will be in place in the new year for those continuing to do this. Thank you for your support.


Mondays - 1510 - 1545 Dodgeball (Y2)

Tuesdays - 0800 - 0830 Homework Club (Y6)

Tuesdays 1510 - 1600 Netball / Basketball (Y4/Y5/Y6)

Wednesdays - 1510 - 1545 Story Club - Group 2 (R/Y1/Y2)

Wednesdays - 1510 - 1545 Maths Club (Y6)

Wednesday - 1510 -1600 Tag Rugby (Y5/Y6) - (tournament preparation)

Thursdays - 1510 - 1600 Girls Football Club (Y5/Y6)

Friday - 0800 - 0830 Homework Club (Y6)

Fridays - 1510 - 1600 KS2 Choir - Sherburn Voices

Staff Shout Outs

Are you impressed by what our staff do for your child? Let them know! Complete the form below.

Nut Allergies

If your child brings either a snack or a pack up to school, please help us to protect some of our children who have nut allergies by checking that the products you send with them do not contain any nuts. Thank you.

GDPR Data Protection Information

Our school takes Data Protection very seriously and complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations introduced in May 2018. For further information please visit: