Imperfect Justice

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Report done by: Madison Walker

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The author of the book that I read is Jeff Ashton. Imperfect justice is the only book he has written. Jeff Ashton was the prosecuting attorney for the Casey Anthony case.

Imperfect Justice (as i have come to call it) is the "story" of the Casey Anthony case.

I chose this book because quite frankly, I had to choose a non-fiction book. After I was given a plethora of options, i chose Imperfect Justice because when the Casey Anthony case was a big deal I was only about 9 or 10 years old so, I didn't understand exactly what was going on. The Casey Anthony case had interested me ever since it happened. So, of course, I chose the book about the case.

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Imperfect Justice is about the Casey Anthony case. But, Imperfect Justice isn't written from a press point of view, it's written by the prosecuting attorney himself. I myself like that about this book because I know the information I'm receiving is creditable and factual.

In the book, Jeff Ashton writes about finding the evidence, investigating the entire scenario, and the court sessions. As far as investigating the scenario goes, they searched and searched for months to get any leads. Jeff and his team would investigate any lead they had but most of them had been a dead end. The person providing these leads was often Casey Anthony herself, that's why most of them had ended almost as quickly as they had started. In the book, The investigative team would refer to this act of Casey's as "reaching the end of the hall." They called it this because she took them to a hall in Universal's main offices to show them where she had said she worked. This of course was a lie and when she had reached the end of the hallway, she retreated on her lie and confessed. This is of course when she would start thinking of a new lie to tell, and when she would end on her new lie, she had "reached the end of the hall."

For finding the evidence, one day a cop had to go to the bathroom but there wasn't a bathroom around so he just walked to go behind some brush near a stream. this is where a laundry bag with a child's skull was found. later on, this skull was discovered to had belonged to Caylee Anthony, the daughter of Casey Anthony. This great finding was of course the start to a huge investigation of that area, and to more investigation of the Anthony's home. The Anthony's home was where they found the sister bag to the one found on site. This among other things made Casey's plead as the case being a kidnapping case was quickly turning into a homicide.

In court sessions, Casey Anthony didn't really act like she cared. It was as if she knew she was going to be found innocent. This really interests me because I wonder if she had bribed the jury to find her innocent because all of the evidence pointed toward Casey having committed a homicide. I was just very disappointed in the outcome of the case because even all of America thought she was guilty. Casey Anthony could even be seen laughing in court. This picture of her is on the cover of the book even.

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I very much so enjoyed this book. I thought it was written very well; and that the writer,Jeff Ashton, presented himself in a very sophisticated and intelligent fashion.

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. You don't even have to have an interest in the Casey Anthony case or even Mystery or even Law. This book is a very good read and is just written very professionally without having to use words that are over some people's heads.

As I have said before, my opinion of this book is that it is written very well. I admire the fact that Jeff Ashton has never written any books before this one and hasn't written any since but still writes very well. I fell as if he didn't try not to offend anyone but that he just wrote, flat out, what happened during the case and didn't "sugar coat" any of the facts or happenings.