Piper has a birthday that falls on Valentine`s Day, but that doesn`t mean she`s the lover type. After her best friend Claire`s recent break up and her parents divorce, she thinks for a fact that she doesn`t believe in love. With the help of her friend Jillian, Jillian and Piper make a "plan" to cheer Claire up. Since, Piper works in a famous candy shop, it has some advantages to their "plan". Piper is sometimes doubtful about love, but when it comes to her candy making in Jan`s warm, welcoming store she`s a pro!

Through the ups and downs in Piper's life, including regular Dom and Lucy sibiling problems her life can be a mess! Suddenly, the "plan" is working and soon one of the most dreamy guys in school is crushing on Piper and they start dating. Everyday, she finds a new secret admirer surprise in her locker that totally describes her. Soon, she starts doubting who left the gifts in her locker and what she is going to do with her boyfriend, when she realizes she has been in love with someone who cared for her the whole time.