afrcia & SW asia review

by: casey maas

what is cultural diffusion?

the spread of cultural beliefs, ideas, & social activities from one group to another.

what are the affects of the berlin confrence?

colonization was destroyed by the conference and the people of the countries were treated terribly.

what is the suez canal? why is it important?

the Suez Canal is a tiny strip of water that disconnects Africa from Asia. this is a very important trade route and navigational canal.

what was the country that was torn apart by the geocide in the 1990's?


what is the land between Tigris and Euphrates called?

fertile crescent

what is zionism?

a movement that's goal is was to create and support a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

refinded crude oil?

oil that has been processed.

unrefined crude oil?

oil that is not processed.

what is a strategic commodity?

a strategy plan that refers to widely traded raw materials.

what are the two divisons of islam?

sunni- 85% of Islams, this is the bigger division of Islam. this is found in Iran and other countries.
shi'a - 15% of Islams. found in Iraq.

5 pillars of faith in Islam


key terms

soucks- arab market.
somali pirates- ex military fighters who turned into pirates.
western wall- a wall whose stones may have been formed the temple of solomen.
guest workers- a person who temporarily has permission to work in another country.
stateless nation-an ethnic group that doesn't posses land.
apartheid- a policy or system of segregation on grounds of race.