CIMR Newsletter

Week Beginning: 7th December

Holidays Are Coming!

Hello once again. As promised, here is this week's newsletter delivered on time. The week just gone must be branded a highlight of our year. Not only were there individual group parties and the prestigious, joyous, and bastion of fun event that is the CIMR Christmas Party, but also the CIMR Student Christmas Dinner. Thank you to our Social Officer Silvia Basilico for organising such a wonderful event attended by even more wonderful people (you!). Hopefully the festivities have kick-started your festive spirit, and I hope that you will continue to feel jubilant from now until the new year.

Not much news this week. However, one exciting event is Notworking Hour on Friday. I am currently in discussions with the MBU students about organising Mulled Wine and Mince Pies. So for the glace cherry on our metaphorical Christmas cake of Christmas spirit please come to the Notworking Hour this Friday. There will be Christmas music. Additionally, hopefully the new Student Noticeboard will be installed later this week. Apart from that, little other news is likely until the new year as the CIMR gradually closes its sleepy eyes for Christmas.

In the mean time, could I encourage you to wear your most festive clothing over the next few weeks to really maximise everyone's festive fun. I've got mine ready - have you got yours? (no pressure)

Have a wonderful week,

Guy Pearson
Student President '15-'16

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Social Stuff

Notworking Hour

This Friday there is the last NotWorking hour of 2015 at 5pm on Level 7. This time there will be an unsubtle theme of Christmas, involving Christmas music, Mulled Wine, and Mince Pies. All are welcome!


Friday Student Table

Every Friday we have the big table in the canteen reserved for us students from 1215-1315. All students are invited, and it is a great place to meet people in other labs. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Sorry it didn't happen last week!

Student Email List

Only CIMR students get the privilege of being on the CIMR student mailing list. If you know of a non-CIMR student who spends a lot of time in the building and who would like to hear about our events please ask them to email Alex (address below) and we will keep them in the know.

Welfare Support

Alex Davies is the CIMR Student Welfare Officer. Feel free to get in touch by email ( or track her down in lab 5.2 with any questions or concerns. All will be treated confidentially.