Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Have a great day

Dear Mom,

Happy Mothers Day! You are the best mother in history and in the whole cosmos! I'm happy you are my mom. Thanks for doing awesome things for me like doing my projects. It really helps. You also me with homework and make yummy food!

You really save me when you do my projects. I CAN NOT do a project by myself. You have out of the box state of the art ideas. I loved the cell model project the best. It was so cool! I liked the gel thingy. I love it when you help me with my projects.

Love, Lance

Mothers Day villanelle (that I made up)

Happy Happy Mothers Day!

Who makes super good cupcakes?

You are the one who makes it good

Who makes scrumptious muntous cakes?

It is you indeed

You help me with all projects

It is some very hard work

Thank you Thank you very much