How to make an effective FB Page

Businesses promoting "The Arts" : By Robin Burgess

What does their facebook page look like?

For a business trying to promote the Arts, like Steel City, the Facebook Page usually is filled with pictures of performances, paintings, and the artists behind it all. Any time there is a show, a video will be posted. These businesses in particular seem to be more personal with their fans. They do this by posting inspirational quotes, or even telling them to have a good day. A regular company uses a facebook page more to sell products, where as a business page promoting "the arts", chooses to entertain rather than sell.

Fan base

These businesses wan to attract musicians, artists, and people who have an appreciation for both. Ranging from all ages, the page uses fun videos and pictures to attract their fans.

What makes "the arts" approach unique?

Steel City is a perfect example of a typical business page promoting the arts. Unlike other businesses, they rarely try to sell their fans anything, only get them engaged and entertained. There are constantly picture and videos, keeping the "likers" constantly in the loop. I find these pages to be more colorful and excited than a regular business page.