A Raisin in the Sun

By Jose Pina, Steve Santamaria, Armando Rodriguez, Blake


The American dream is attainable? The American dream is attainable in this novel because Walter comes from a poor family and they ended up in a nice and bigger house. It is attainable because Walter thought he was going to invest in the liquor store with willy and boboe but when Walter gives the money to boboe to make the deal but boboe takes all the money and Walter becomes a stronger person. Walter's family also is strong because while the time they are moving they are being discriminated by Linder because Linder doesn't want them to move into Cleburne park because of there race.


This overall project was based in the American dream. This project is based on the American dream and we related the book A Raisin in the sun and this is a good book to relate on because it has a lot of good examples like when the youngers were living in a old apartment and went to living in a nice house in Clyburn park. Another example the family youngers have been through a lot like all the racism, when they went to go see their new house the neighbors gave them nasty looks when they saw their were colored people.

Theme analysis

“And we have decide to move into our house because my father he earned it for us brick by brick” (Walter pg. 148) “there is always something left to love and if you ain’t learned that you ain’t learned nothing these” (mama pg. 145) quotes show the importance of family because show how the family still cares about each other even though they face all these problem

Conflict man vs society

Man vs Conflict

Man vs Conflict played a large conflict role in the story because of the time era and their race. An example of this was when the youngers tried moving into their new home and a man names Linder came in and offered them money to not move in because they weren't any colored people living in that area. This shows the racism and constant fight of discrimination against colored people by whites in the 50s.