Smart basketball

Made by Smorts Smart Sports


Smart basketball for smart basketball players


If you are a basketball fan, you would love the smart basketball, you can take shots from one spot, any you dont even have to move to get the ball, only 30 dollars and the wrist band comes in different colors, it comes in yellow, black, red, white, and blue.

Paragraph intro

Have you ever tried shooting hoops in basketball and you have to keep chasing your ball, with my invention, you dont have to, all you need to do is press the button on the wrist band that says "back".

Who is are target audience ?

Basketball players and basketball fans are because they take shots and they do not want to go to the ball and come back, instead, they just press the back button.

What is are invention ?

Our invention is a smart basketball that rolls back to you any time you want, all you need to do is just press the button that says "back" on the wrist band.

Where can it be used ?

It can be used anywhere you play basketball, you can even just throw it up in the air and make it come back to you if your bored.

When is it mostly useful ?

Its mostly useful when you are standing still taking shots by your self, if your tired, or you do not want to move, then you just press the button on the wrist band and it comes back.

3 Reasons why people would want it ?

1. If someone took it, it will come back to no matter how heavy their holding it. 2. If your taking shots from one spot, instead of walking to get it, you can just press the button on the wrist band 3. If your playing with it, it will be easier to catch