Southwest Asia Vocabulary Words

Shelby Quinlan

Developing Countries

Developing countries are countries that are trying to become more advanced economically and socially with other countries. Some countries in Asia that are developing and struggling are Singapore and Malaysia.

Developed Countries

Developed Countries are countries or societies that have many industries and a lot of money to help the citizens. Developed countries in Asia are Mongolia and Uzbekistan. These countries don't need help and have almost all the money in the world.

Southwest Asia

Vocabulary Words

Infant Mortality

Infant mortality is the death of children under the age of one. Afghanistan has the highest infant mortality rate because most women do not have access to skilled health care. Health care there is bad because there is a lack of staff, little to no electricity, and people just can't afford the high cost.


Regime is a government in power, the period during which a particular government or ruling system is in power. Afghanistan has a republic government or regime. In Israel the prime minister is in power. In Saudi Arabia, a king rules. In Iran, there is a president.