DMS Corral

by Darnell and Guerra Jan. 11-15

Week at a Glance

Monday, Jan. 11

Tuesday, Jan. 12
Band Parent meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 13

Thursday, Jan. 14
Fillys vs Fredericksburg
Colts @ Fredericksburg

Friday, Jan. 15

Saturday, Jan. 16
Colts Basketball Tournament

College- Go Get It! Week

College- Go Get It! week is a great time for us to talk to students about the importance of furthering their education. We can do this by decorating our doors with information about our alma mater and sharing with students our college experiences.
During this week , teachers will be collecting donations from PRIDE classes to help fund scholarships for our graduating seniors. The PRIDE class that collects the most money will receive an out-of-uniform day. Daily counts of the money donated will sent to the office. The last day to contribute money will be Friday, Jan. 15th. The winning PRIDE classes will be announced Friday after all the money has been collected for the day. Teachers and aides can buy two jeans days for Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 12 and 13.

Benchmarking Next Week

Next week kicks off our benchmarking testing for the school year. Seventh and eighth graders will benchmark next week on Wednesday and Thursday. Student rosters, room assignments, and more information will be posted and sent out via e-mail this week. Many of you will be re-assigned during testing, so please be sure that once you receive the benchmarking information, you share it with students so that they know where to report on these days.

Also, encourage students to take the benchmark testing seriously as the results from these tests will be used to determine who will go into a PRIDE intervention class.

Please see Mrs. Guerra if you have any questions regarding benchmarking.