Technology Rules for Parents

By: Evelyn Khotawanich

Rule #1

If you have a webcam on your laptop or computer make sure you put someting in front of it, so nobody would hack in you device and see what your'e doing that you do not want anyone to see you doing.

Rule #2

If you receive a text message from a person you don't know it's the best if you do not reply, because that person might try to create a relationship with you just to get something out of you.

Rule #3

Do not receive a phone call or a text message when driving because it may take your attention away from the road, and you might get into an accident.

Rule #4

Before you post something on-line (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) make sure it is not inappropriate because even when you delete it, it's still there.

Rule #5

Do not share your passwords to anyone because that person can post something bad on your account ,and they might change your password so you cannot take that picture/video down.

Rule #6

Don't put too much personal information on-line, because they could use it to steal your identity or blackmail you. They could also use your information to find where you live in less than 10 minutes.

Rule #7

Don't download stuff you don't know because you can get hacked by the person that created the apps.

Rule #8

Keep in mind that pop up ads can be the reason you get RATS (remote access trojan)

Rule #9

If you want to make a social media account make sure you actually use it, like don't just leave it because someone could hack in that account and post things without you knowing.

Rule #10

Make sure all your social accounts are on private so strangers cannot look at your account.
Texting While Driving