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May 10, 2019

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoon.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1756


May 11 - District STEAM Showcase - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm - Greene School

May 14 - Rising 5th Grade Parent Orientation - 6:00 - 8:00 pm - Greene School

May 15 - Meet the Teacher Day- 9:45 - 10:50 am (students only)

May 16 - 6th grade picnics at SWAIM - 10:00 am-12:00 pm - Purple Team

May 16 - 6th grade picnics at SWAIM - 12:00 -2:00 pm - Blue Team

May 17 - 6th grade picnics at SWAIM - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm - Gray Team

May 17 - 6th grade picnics at SWAIM - 12:00 - 2:00 pm - White Team

May 22 - 6th Grade Celebration - 8:30 am - Gray and White Teams

May 22 - 6th Grade Celebration - 10:30 am - Blue and Purple Teams

May 23 - Field Day/Last Day of Classes

6th Grade Celebrations - May 22, 2019

Here is the schedule for the 6th Grade Celebration on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 – B Day

The 6th Grade Celebration assembly will take place in the Cafeteria with a reception immediately following each awards ceremony in the cafeteria lobby.

8:30 – 9:30 am - Classrooms of: Mrs. Ahr, Mr. Staggs, Mrs. Dorko, Mr. McGranahan, Mrs. Allred, Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Pihl, and Mr. McCalla

10:30 – 11:30 am - Classrooms of: Mr. Rains, Mrs. Marks, Miss Davis, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Walter, Mrs. Mulvaney, Mrs. Fox, and Mr. Bogdan

Lunch Procedures for May 22nd: With the 6th Grade Celebrations taking place in the Cafeteria, students will be purchasing and eating lunch in the Old Gym. For lunch on this day, students will be asked to bring a beach towel and have the option of eating in the Old Gym or outside in a designated area since the cafeteria will be in use. School lunch that day will be a sack lunch (with milk). Cost of school lunch will remain the same. Lunches will be picked up in the Old Gym. Students may bring a packed lunch from home if they wish. There will also be a limited choice of snack items along with water and milk available. Recess will be held in the field behind the yellow wing. Homeroom teachers will need to pick students up there at the end of recess.

Special Lunch Note: The automated computerized pay system for the pre-paid student lunch accounts will be available on this day. It will be set up in the old gym. Free and reduced lunch students will be accommodated as usual.

Summer School Registration now open

Summer School Registration opened on April 1st. Registration for all courses is done online via the links below.

Here is the link to the "5/6 Summer School" Catalog.

*Here is the link to the "Greene 101" brochure (the 4th transitioning to 5th camp). * . Greene 101 registration opens on May 17th.

* Parents of Rising 5th graders, please note that your student will find out on May 15 which team he or she will be on so that you can register them for Greene 101.

Here is the link to "JH Launch" brochure. (the 6th transitioning to 7th camp).

Please note: Rising 5th grade students will find out on May 15th which team they are on. Registration for Greene 101 will be open on May 17th.!

Attention: Parents of Rising 6th Graders

Your child’s SPECIALS classes for 6th Grade will remain exactly the same as his/her current 5th Grade SPECIALS classes UNLESS you email Mrs. Gould requesting a change for next year by May 17, 2019.

Email any requested changes to our school secretary, Mrs. Gould. (

The email should follow this format….

Student name:

The specials class to DROP is……

The specials class to ADD in its place is……

(* the class that the student is dropping and the class that the student is adding must meet the same number of days)


Jack Smith

Drop: Band (2 days)

Add: Choir (2 days)

(*Remainder of the special classes will remain the same)

Specials Classes/Days:

Band (2 days)

Orchestra (2 days)

Choir (2 days)

General Music (2 days)

Computer Science/STEAM (2 days)

P.E. (2 days)

Art (1 day)

Multimedia Explorations (1 day)

*Advanced Art is a try-out class. If a student is accepted into Advanced Art, it will automatically replace Multimedia Explorations.

**If your child is in reading or math intervention, ESL, or on an IEP, you have already received information about specials scheduling in the mail.

Transition to the Junior High

We will use this section to keep you up to speed as we transition students to the junior high.

Rising 7th Graders (current 6th graders, class of 2025)

Hello Greene Parents,

If you were unable to attend the rising 7th grade Academic Fair, here is the presentation.


Thank you to all the parents who have already provided proof of your student’s immunizations. Documentation of Tdap (tetanus, diptheria and pertussis booster) and MCV (meningococcal) vaccines are required by the State of Ohio to begin 7th grade. For those of you who have not done so yet, please call you physician and have a copy faxed or emailed to Laurie Dobrowolski the School Nurse at E.H. Greene Intermediate School. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Fax; (513) 792-6172



Please click on THIS LINK to order your tee shirt for next year. The tee shirt for the Class of 2025 (incoming 7th graders) will be GREEN and the tee shirt for the Class of 2024 (incoming 8th graders) will be GOLD. If you ordered one last year, the Class of 2024 shirt is the same and has not changed.

Orders may be placed up until August 31st, 2019. On August 31st, the window will officially close and the tee shirts will be printed. The students will be able to pick up their tee shirts AT LUNCH in the middle of September once they are printed. Please contact Ms. Farroh if you have any questions.


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Junior High Football Cheer Clinics

SJH Football Cheer

Clinicals are Monday May 13th and Tuesday May 14th at 3:30-5:00PM at Sycamore Junior High School.

Tryouts are held in the cafeteria at Sycamore Junior High School Wednesday May 15th starting at 3:30. Please make sure everything is filled out and up to date on Final Forms.

Sycamore Junior High Summer Reading

Help prevent summer reading loss by reading a great book! Studies have shown that reading proficiency levels can decrease over the summer. To help lessen the loss of reading skills, students at Sycamore Junior High are encouraged to keep reading all summer. All of the language arts classes at the junior high have summer reading expectations. Assignments and instructions are located in Google Classrooms that students access using their Sycamore student accounts. See below for the Google Classroom codes. All summer reading assignments are due on the first day of school.

Honors Language Arts 7

Students enrolling in Honors Language Arts 7 for the 2019-2020 school year need to use the Google Classroom code q5ayxvm to access the summer reading assignment and instructions. Students must use their Sycamore provided student account to join the Google Classroom.

Honors Language Arts 8

Students enrolling in Honors Language Arts 8 for the 2019-2020 school year need to use the Google Classroom code nb9tv3i to access the summer reading assignment and instructions. Students must use their Sycamore provided student account to join the Google Classroom.

Language Arts 7 and 8

Students enrolling in Language Arts 7/8 for the 2019-2020 school year need to use the Google Classroom code ruvf8v to access the recommended summer reading. Students must use their Sycamore provided student account to join the Google Classroom.


Sycamore Community Schools continues to engage with students, families, and staff about the growing social and emotional needs of our students and staff. The addition of our school-based therapists through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was our first step in supporting those student needs. We are proud to announce that beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, every school will be staffed with a school-based therapist. Having a mental health partner allows access to treatment for the students who need it, with greater accessibility.

District administrators have initiated the process of developing a comprehensive strategic plan to identify the mental health needs of our students, families, and staff. We have engaged with 1N5, a local nonprofit organization is committed to stopping the stigma and starting the conversation by increasing awareness and education about mental health.

Students in grades 7-12, teachers, and families received a voluntary survey developed by 1N5 and the district to drive our needs assessment during the week of April 29. While your participation is not mandatory, your honest and open feedback will be crucial in helping us move forward with the proper plans. All of your responses will be kept confidential.

Please share your thoughts with us through this survey link

Medication Pick up

Medication Pick up

If your child has daily medications, emergency medications or as needed medications in the clinic, please plan to pick them up on May 23rd and 24th anytime 7:30 - 4:00. After June 3rd they will be disposed of. Please contact the nurse if you would like to make other arrangements.

Summer MAP

Sycamore Schools is offering an optional summer MAP administration for grades 2-8. Please click on the here for more information and to register your child for this opportunity. If you have any questions, you can email Mindy Zellner, District Gifted Coordinator, at


As the year winds down, we continue to share some resources that might be helpful for you over the summer and during this time of transition in your child’s life. This week’s resource is a New York Times Best Seller children’s book! What Do You Do With a Problem? Is the story of a child who isn’t sure what to do with a problem and how that problem only grows larger when ignored. When the child finally does face the problem, he finds out it was quite different than it appeared. While it is a children’s book, it has a great message for all of us. You can find it on your next trip to the local library or at the Amazon link we have provided above. We hope you take a look and enjoy it!


As you can see, we have many lost and found items just waiting to be claimed! Please have your child check the lost and found on their way to and from lunch for items that may be theirs! Parents are welcome to come in and look also.
After the STEAM showcase this weekend there will be tables lining the hallway by the office in hopes kids will see their list items folded on the table. It’s overflowing. Anything not claimed will be donated to OGB.

Sycamore Bikes

Blue Ash Bike Rodeo DATE CORRECTION: The rodeo will be held WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Summit Park during the Farmers Market. Come bike through an obstacle course, have your face painted, see inside emergency vehicles, and more!

Also, if you have not received your #SycamoreBIKES car magnet, email –we have a few left. First check with your student though—they stick to lockers! The BWB Team wishes you a wonderful summer and looks forward to seeing you walking and biking around town!

Click HERE to see pictures from our Bus Walk Bike Day

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Laffalot Summer Camp

DON't FORGET! LAFFALOT SUMMER CAMP at the BLUE ASH REC CENTER the weeks of June 10th, June 17th, July 8th and July 22nd. Openings still available. Sign up today at .

Laffalot.....How Summers are Meant to be Played!

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2018-19 Activities Brochure

Is your child looking to get involved in after school activities? Check out our Activities Brochure. We will announce to students before clubs start and how to sign up. This post will stay at the bottom of our newsletters if you are looking for it later.

Activities Brochure 2018-19