Hygiene And Safety

By Hana Brownlee


We Need to stay clean when cooking and health is very important to us humans.We need to drink water and eat food.Eating food is a big part of our lives but when we eat food thats has a bug because someone has lost there band aid or hair in the food.We can get sick so if you follow the instructions below you should have a sick free life when cooking.

Tie Back Long Hair

So no hair does not fall into food or dip into ingredients.

Cover Cuts With A Blue Cooking Band aid

We cover our cuts with a Bright blue Band aid so if it falls into the food its able to be seen.In the food Reason: Not many foods are blue and if you do drop your band aid in the food someone will spot it before it arrives on the table to be eaten.

Never Lick Your Fingers Than Put Them Back into the food

If you do lick your fingers then put them back into your food you could put gurms into the food the people that your making the food for could get sick

Keep Your self safe as well as your teachers and class mates

Food safety First to Keep Your time at school fun

Keeping yourself safe in the kitchen

*wear a apron so that if anything hot splashes on you it will not burn as bad

*dont fool around in the kitchen if your running and you run past someone carrying something hot you could cause you and the other person to get burnt.

*Place all bags out of the way so that know one trips over

*knives if you fall and knife pointing up you will get stabbed

*turn handles in so that you don't bump them and get burn't