Vincent 'Bo' Jackson

Nathan Lord

Qualities of a Tragic Hero

There are six qualities that tragic heroes have. They include:

  • Noble Stature and greatness
  • Not perfect, have flaws
  • Downfall is his or her own fault. A judgment error, usually from over-confidence
  • The misfortune is not wholly deserved, punishment is worse than crime
  • The hero's fall isn't a complete loss, increase in awareness/self-knowledge
  • The tragedy doesn't depress the audience

**Jackson's qualities are bolded

Epic Bo

  • A two sport athlete who had both incredible strength and speed (4.12 40 time).
  • Although he was an amazing athlete, he is still human.
  • Dislocated his hip when he could have just stepped out of bounds
  • Only got to play 4 partial seasons of football before injury prevented him from playing football ever again
  • Made a comeback in baseball after hip replacement
"I could have easily stepped out of bounds, but I didn't. That's just the nature of the beast." -Bo Jackson
bo jackson running down a dream