The Hunting Ground

Sergio Gonzalez


In the documentary "The Hunting Ground" by Kirby Dick, the author wanted to raise awareness about the lack of consequences on sexual assault, throughout American Universities. The film achieves this purpose by reaching to the audience with personal interviews, pathos, and statistic elements.

Defining the Purpose

The overall purpose of "The Hunting Ground" documentary was to illuminate the sexual violence issues that happen throughout American Universities. A group of two female students from UNC, who had went through the same experience of sexual assault, decided that people needed to know about this issue. They brought up this issue up to colleges and universities and noticed that many schools lacked actions of consequences towards assault cases. They decided to speak up and created a movement of people who had suffered from any sexual assault action and wanted more schools to take those issues more seriously.

Achieving the Purpose

The film over all did cover the topic of sexual assaults over the nation in American Universities. One of the elements used to prove its point was personal interviews, which helped prove a point of the lack of consequence of rape in the school systems . Another element used was Pathos, it gave the audience a emotional feeling by playing graduation music and by showing parents feelings towards their child's incident of sexual assault. The third and final element was statistics, and it helped back up many points the group of victims had to fight against. They stated that out of 155 reports of sexual assault, only 3 students were expelled.


In conclusion, this documentary did its justice in explaining the issues of sexual assaults through American universities and colleges. The Hunting Ground uses it’s statistics to show people about the issue and overall has a great representation of the situation on campuses. There is the emotional appeal of statistics, mood music, and tears, which makes this issue persuasive and helped bring up the problem throughout the nation.