Type 1 Diabetes

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What is type 1 dibetes?

In type 1 diabetes the body's immune system attacks insulin in the pancreas. Over a period of time the beta cells stop working. There is no way to know this so its hard to know about it unless you are tested. This all occurs inside the body . But with fewer beta cells, the pancreas cannot produce all the insulin that the body needs.

Everyday diets and how to monitor your blood surgar levels

Diabetics everyday diets should consist of non-starchy vegetables and fruits. they can eat almost whatever you want but you just have to control how much and what you are eating. Monitoring can be hard but you can keep a log of what you have been eating to know what and when you ate something. For example you could eat vegetables more often.

What to do when your blood sugar is to low or to high.

When you check your blood sugar and it is to high you would take insulin and wait 15 minutes then check and again and continue if necessary. When your blood sugar levels are low you would eat something or drink something with good sugars roughly 15 mlg then check after 15 minutes and repeat if necessary.

Exercising effects you diabetic lifestyle

When you exercise your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy. Also if you exercise daily it helps your body use the insulin more efficiently.


When you have diabetes you need to stay active and exercise everyday like a normal everyday exercise. Make sure you check your blood surge levels often and make sure that you get the daily activity needed.