Senator in need!

Tired of being a member of the House of Representatives? Upgrade to being a Senator!

Becoming a Senator is easy! All you have to do is follow these simple steps (and a few unwritten rules) and you will be on your way to becoming a Senator! Qualifications for becoming a Senator include being at least 30 years old, be a citizen of the US for at least 9 years, and be an inhabitant of the State you are representing. Easy right? But wait there is more! To become a Senator it is important to be a legislator, a committee member, a representative of your constituents, and a politician. It is also helpful to be able to work with one other person who will represent the same State. Voting on bills will be the main work for a Senator, but having a talent for fundraising is also important to have.

After following those simple and easy steps, you can enjoy all the wonderful things that come with being a Senator! Not only do you get paid $174,000 or more, but your contract is triple the amount of a Representative! Think we're done? Well think again because Washington D.C. has more benefits to offer! This includes a special tax deduction, general travel allowance, life and health insurance for a fraction of the cost, and generous retirement plan with social security and medicare, two offices, franking privilege, and free printing! And for an added bonus we will throw in a choice of several fancy restaurants, two gyms, and free parking!

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