Falcon Flyer

Weekly Notes for Staff November 12-22, 2015

Teaching and Learning the Falcon Way

Hurst Hills Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision: We’re the ones empowering students to achieve excellence!

Mission: As a Hurst Hills Falcon, I will soar to excellence by showing respect and responsibility, and challenging myself to reach my goals.

Core Values

1. Do what is right

2. Perform with excellence

3. Respect others

This car has been seen many times parked near the Redbud playground at recess. We don't know if it is a parent or a stranger, but they pull away when a teacher approaches. Please be vigilant and review safety expectations with students.
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Important Dates

November 12: Staff Meeting

November 13: End of Second Six Weeks/Half Day Noon Dismissal

Staff will be at Harrison Lane in the afternoon for training from 1:30-3:30.

November 14: PTA Annual Carnival 11-4

November 16-December 3: HEB Christmas Providers Food Drive

November 17: 3-6 Math CBA

Fourth Grade Austin Trip Parent Informational Meeting after school

November 19: Report Cards and College Colors

Thanksgiving Luncheon: Alternate Schedule will be provided.

Positive Proof Kids ID day

Staff Meeting-Book Study Chapter 3

November 20: Falcon Award Pic-Nic

PK/K Thanksgiving Feast at 1:30

Pull For Hope Money Due

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Holiday (School is in session Mon and Tue!)

November 30-December 4: Book Fair

December 1: Writing DBA Grade 4

Mooyah Night

December 7-17 Holiday Shop

December 8: Reading CBA Grade 5

December 10: Picture Make Up Day

**November Birthdays**

November 4

Maria Contreras-Custodian

November 9

Sofia Hernandez-Cafeteria

Elissa Polley-Kindergarten

November 10

Jennifer Vargas-Fifth Grade

November 19

Elizabeth toepfer-Sixth Grade

November 20

Linnea Johnstone-FACI

November 30

Amber Batson-FACI

Sonja Dreiling-Nurse

Christmas Providers

The canned food drive starts Monday November 16th! You can bring 5 cans to wear jeans for the last two weeks of November. Because of the Pull for Hope district event, these jeans days may not carry over into December.

Assistant Principal Updates

Revised DBA Passing Standards- DBA Passing Standards have been revised to reflect the Progression Model. They can be found in 15-16 assessment. CBA Passing Standards have not been changed.

ELPS Fall Awareness Training due December 7- This training is required of any teacher who could potentially have an ELL student in their classroom for the 15-16 school year.

· Individually, teachers watch the training video: HEB Curriculumà TrainingàELPS Fall 2015 Awareness Training (Enrollment key=heb123)

· Complete the quiz (with a grade of 100) and print the certificate

· Sign the Eduphoria Sign Sheet & Turn in your certificate to the GREEN folder in Mrs. Becker’s box by December 7

Pull For Hope Jeans Pass

HEB will participate in the Pull For Hope event again this year. For a donation of $20.00 you can wear jeans the entire month of December. If you would like to participate, please put your $20.00 in an envelope with your name on the outside and "Pull For Hope Donation" on the outside. Turn this in to Laurie by November 20 and she will place your Jeans Pass on your box for the month of December. This is the only jeans opportunity in December besides Friday spirit days, AM Computer Lab volunteers and Homework Helper volunteers.

Field Trips and Volunteers

Any volunteers or parents joining you on a Field Trip must complete a VIPS online background check PRIOR to the Field Trip. The background check can take up to 72 hours to process and must be updated once per year. This can be completed at www.hebisd.edu/vips.

Please send Marie a list of volunteers 3 days before the field trip so she can ensure all background checks are complete and up to date. Any volunteer without an up to date background check will not be able to participate in the field trip as a volunteer.

Lesson Plans

Please remember to have your lesson plans posted in the share folder by Thursday of the previous week. This is critical for many reasons. Special area teachers are required to consult your plans and provide supports for students. Marie and I also look before a walk through or evaluation. This is a basic expectation for all staff.

Homework Helpers

Please remember to send home permission forms for Homework Helpers with students who would like to stay or those you think need to stay for various reasons. They are located in the workroom on the big table.

We are in need of volunteers for upper grades...so if you have not signed up (even for just one or two slots this year) please be a fabulous falcon, and help us out.:)


ARD Meeting Preparations

  • Team Coordinators will receive the ARD Meeting invitation. Please discuss with your team which team member will represent your team at the meeting.
  • Prepare and discuss proposed Accommodations Worksheets in advance, as a team. Submit only 1 worksheet to the special education teacher as a team. Initials for subject areas may be written to the side of the accommodations if accommodations are differentiated by subject area, but for the most part the proposed accommodations will be similar for all subject areas.
  • Special education and general education teams should review/discuss PLAAFPS, proposed accommodations, and proposed testing prior to the ARD meeting to ensure that IEP recommendations are aligned before they are shared with the parent.

Walking the Walls of a Classroom

Please check the CI Classroom Rubric and monitor where you rate on implementation. Remember, this year the rubric will impact PDAS evaluations. Two things that should be evident on PDSA walls are updated plans and aligned data.

Posting your learning objectives is a district requirement. These objectives may not change every day, but should always align to what Student Expectation (SE) is the main focus of your lesson. This sets a clear purpose for learning so students know what they can do by the end of the lesson.

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You Matter forms are in the teacher workroom. Recognize your peers on the wall in the lounge!

I know that you all observe staff members going above and beyond on a daily basis to support students, fellow staff members, and the overall success of Hurst Hills. Please send in Kudos as you see them so that staff can be recognized for the things they do from day to day that make a difference. I would also love to share personal celebrations! Email your recognitions to Beth by Friday to be added to the weekly notes! If Beth uses your submission or you are the subject of a celebration, stop by the office for a special treat!