University of California Los Angles

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Name of university?

University of California Los Angles

What is your reason for wanting to attend this college or university?

Ever since i was little i have always wanted to become an actress and i have been in love with films, TV shows, and books. I have always wanted to be on TV and as i got older my knowledge of the film industry has grown. This University has one of the best theater programs in U.S. so I feel like this will help me a lot to achieve my dreams.

Do they offer the degree that you hope to obtain someday?

Yes, I hope to obtain a Bachelors in theater.

How many hours will you have to complete to obtain you bachelors degree?

120 hours will be needed.

What student activities did you find that sounded interesting to join to meet new people?

  • Crank; the (for film and arts students)
  • EmpowHER at UCLA (equal rights)
  • Bruin Film Society
  • Melnitz Movies
  • Beyond the Bruin
  • That Happy Cart Project
  • Delta Kappa Alpha
  • International Student Film Association

How much does it cost to live in the dorm each semester? With a meal plan?

Per school year it would be $1,174.20 with 19 meals and $1,153.49 with 14 meals

How much does it cost per semester to attend this collage/university?

The Total per year- $60,744

What will be he cost of your tuition for you to obtain this college degree?

$44,880 for all 4 years of college