How To Draw A Sunset

take drawing to the next level!

Just drawing is cool, but making a sunset is even cooler

First,get 1 piece of paper,1 sharp pencil,a ruler,a crayon box, and a smooth surface.

Here's how you do it!

Then,get your paper and draw a line with the length of 3 inches at the bottom of your paper. Then,draw a half circle facing down on the line.This is your un-colored sunset.
Then,get your crayon box and pull out a light green and a dark green. After that, get your dark green crayon and color it lightly under the line you made earlier. Then, get your light green and do the same thing.Next, get 1 orange crayon and 1 red crayon. After that, color the half circle lightly with the orange crayon. Then, color the big white

space you have with both the orange and red crayon. Finally, you have a perfect sunset.

-Charlotte :)