Start Biofuel

And leave the dinosaur remains alone

Advantages of Biofues

Well where do I start, Biofuels work the exact same as normal fuels, but we have infinite of them. Dinosaurs are extinct so we don't have unlimited oil or gas. It is also healthier for the environment because using oil puts more pollution in the air than burning a banana. So biofuels will help the environment, It will help the dinosaur bones, and it will be cheaper gas and oil

Disadvantages of biofuels

Need for more crops so more people needed to work on farms, still puts pollution in the air, the car is eating all of our bananas, more factories needed to turn my bananas into gas. etc. etc. Really most of the advantages outnumber the disadvantages because biofuels fume the air less, and leave the rest of earths resources.

Did You Know?

From 1985-1995 we used more fossil fuels than we have our entire lives? Some people really like gas