Worthingway Middle School Updates


Dear Families,

I am so lucky to work with our Worthingway staff during these difficult times. I am so impressed by how much they are willing to do to help our families. From phone calls to home visits, nothing is too small. And our families have responded in kind. Thank you for reaching out, offering support, and asking questions. If we don't know what you are struggling with, we can't help.

Case in point, Mrs. Newcomb (Senora to her students) noted that a student could use some headphones at home to help with learning. She spoke to the family, and within 20 minutes, I was on my way to the student's home with Mr. Mosca to deliver headphones. I also got a crash course on logging into Schoology, as I helped the student do so. This was my first home visit this week but one of many for Mr. Mosca. As we walked to the door, Mr. Mosca stated, "I love our kids, this is so cool to get out and see them."

I love our staff and our families. Thank you for a great start to our school year, please let us know if there is anything you need!


Mr. Kellenberger

Remote Learning in Action

School Fees

School fees have now been uploaded to MyPaymentsPlus. Middle school fees are $38 and are due by 10/2/20. Students that are free and reduced do not pay full fee amounts. If you feel the amount listed in MyPaymentsPlus is in error, please contact Val Swearengen at Worthingway (614-450-4300). Please be aware that free and reduced lunch forms must be completed yearly. If your student was free or reduced last year, that status will not carry over to the new school year.

Free and Reduced meal information

Worthingway Curriculum Night

This year's Curriculum Night will be Virtual. I will share a link with videos from each of your student's teachers on Tuesday, September 8th. These videos will include information about curriculum, assignments, grading, and communication. This video will be available at the end of the school day on Tuesday.

Smile Calls


I will continue doing Smile Calls! Smile Calls are a way for me to recognize great things going on in the building (or remotely). I love to connect in a positive way and to celebrate the great things your student or students are doing. I ask teachers to send me a 'write up' about good things students are doing. In person, I would call the student to the office, read the 'write up,' make a phone call home, and include the student in our school announcements. Since we are remote, I will make the phone call and mail the 'write up' to you. I am excited to recognize our fantastic students!

Needs Assessment: Buddy Boxes, Thanksgiving Support, Holiday Help and more

This survey will help us determine how to best meet your student and family's needs. ALL families are invited to take the survey! Questions are of an academic, personal/social, and family need nature. In the survey, families may also sign up for supports of Buddy Boxes, Thanksgiving Support, and Holiday Help.

All answers will be kept confidential unless you give consent to share with teachers or other staff members that might be in a position to help your child.

Schoology access for students

Check out this helpful video from Mr. Tisdale. We found that some students were accidentally logged into Schoology as a parent/guardian. This video will help solve this problem.
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Please visit our school website for athletic information or contact Mr. Mosca (wmosca@wscloud.org) our school Athletic Director

Emergency Data Review

In order to ensure that we have the most up to date family information, families are asked to update their Emergency Data yearly. Directions for completing the Emergency Data Review.

Remote Meal Delivery Information

For the 2020-21 school year, all families can have meals delivered via bus routes in the Worthington School District. For more information visit the District Remote Meal Delivery Information page.

Worthingway Middle School

Principal: Nathan Kellenberger (nkellenberger@wscloud.org)

Dean/Athletic Director: Bill Mosca (wmosca@wscloud.org)

Counselor: Natalie Fei (nfei@wscloud.org)

Secretaries: Amanda DeBernard (adebernardi@wscloud.org)

Val Swearengen (vswearengen@wscloud.org)