Fall Of The U.S.S.R

Mikayla & Emily

U.S.S.R Formed

Saturday, Dec. 30th 1922 at 12am


U.S.S.R Aka Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was a Communist Party that indirectly controlled all levels of government. It's general secretary was the country's most powerful leader until 1989. The Soviet Union was a group of immense size and power. It covered 1/6 of the Earth's land and held 1/3 of Europe captive. It went on for 74 years until it ended in 1991.

U.S.S.R Ended

Wednesday, July 31st 1991 at 12am to Wednesday, Aug. 21st 1991 at 12am


A poorly conceived, planned, and executed coup attempt occurred bringing an end to the Communist party. Russia then systematically laid claim to most Soviet property on it's territory.


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