Shepard Staff Updates

May 3, 2019

To Do and Thank You

To Do (New):

1. Get ready for an amazing teacher appreciation week! Kristin will be sending out an email with more information, but here is a link with some great stuff that is nation wide.

2. Start boxing up Out Of Adoption textbooks - list will be given to Team Leaders.

3. Keep taking care of yourself and be positive with your students - it is almost the summer!

Teachers Pay Teachers has some great FREE resources for end of year activities!

To Do (Old):

1. Send me any thank you notes to include in the Smore - I LOVE having lots of things to add and I can't always see all the amazing things that happen around the building!

Thank You:
1. Thank you to everyone for being flexible with my odd hours!

2. Thanks to everyone who attended the leadership retreat - we did some great work to prepare for next year!

3. Field day was AMAZING - a special thank you to Angie, Ryan and Rodney, but also a huge thank you to the entire staff for making it super fun!

4. Thank you Mr. Caviness for doing a fun experiment with Mrs.Miceks class!

5. Great job to Dana for a fantastic musical - and anyone else who helped!

6. Thank you to everyone for sitting in on interviews this week - We are so excited for all the changes coming up next year!

7. Congratulations to Chrissy for being our “new” instructional specialist!

8. Angie for all her years of dedication to our students and getting us through an amazing field day.

9. Lizzie Grego for helping with everything. She is a gem!

10. All SPED staff for being out ALL day but making this an amazing day for the students.

11. A special Thank you to All the people who made Pee Wee Patriots a success: Our amazing kinder team, Teresa, Jeanne, Dolores, Stephanie, Angela, Marty, Dee, Diane! We could not have done it without them!

Upcoming Dates

Week of May 13th:

May 13th: STAAR Math (3rd and 4th); STAAR Math (5th Retest)

May 14th: STAAR Reading (3rd and 4th); STAAR Reading (5th Retest)

May 15th: STAAR Science (5th)

May 16th: STAAR make ups

May 17th: STAAR make ups

Week of May 20th:

May 20th:

May 21st:

May 22nd:

May 23rd:

May 24th: