10 Things You Should Consider


Take charge of your life and your money.

1.Define your financial goals.

2.Make plans to reach your goals.

3.Take action until your goals become a reality.


Get organized.

1. Make files to help organize bills and payments.

  • Label them clearly

2. Pay everything on time.

3. Put important papers in a safe place, locked away, at home.


Use loans as a last resort.

1. Loans will put you in debt, which could take years to pay off.

2. If possible, pay as much as you can without a loan.


Understand student loan obligations.

1. Know how much you will owe and when it is due.

  • Sometimes the expensive college is not the best choice
  • Think before you owe


Make school #1.

1. You are paying to go to school not work.

2. College will benefit you more in the future- take it seriously.

  • manage your time wisely- make money while learning


Look for job on campus.

1. You will be able to work around your school schedule.

2. Will not have to travel far-saving money on gas.

3. May be able to find a job relating to major.


Turn hobbies into a money maker.

1. You would be able to work for yourself, making your own hours.

2. Could help you with your major.


Make time to prepare for your career... now.

1. Graduation is closer than it seems.

2. Go to career fairs.

3. Research jobs online.

4. Take advantage of course selections.


Save on snacks.

1. Do not buy so many snacks and drinks from a vending machine.

2. Cheaper to buy items at a store and have it for when you need it.

  • Can share food bill with room mate

3. Bring food in bag when you go out.

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Separate needs and wants.

1. Think about what is important and necessary.

2. You will save money if you are not buy unnecessary items.

3. Always ask... Can I go without it? Is it essential at this time?