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December 2019

Message from Mrs. Buckels

Happy December! It is hard to believe that it is the end of 2019! This year is flying by. This month will be fast and furious. We have lots of fun activities planned for our students. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will be taking their CBA's(curriculum based assessments) the week of Dec. 9th.

We want to congratulate Mrs. Surber who got married over Thanksgiving break and is now Mrs. Talley!

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Important Dates

Dec. 6-Winter Wonderland

Dec, 9-10 3rd/4th reading and math CBA's

Dec. 11-12 5th reading and math CBA's

Dec. 12-Winter Choir Performance-6:30 pm.

Dec. 20-Winter Parties/Early Release Day-12:15 p.m.

Dec. 20-End of 9 weeks grading period

Dec.23-Jan. 6-Winter Holiday

Winter Wonderland

Saturday, December 7th

9:30-12:00 p.m.


9:30-VLI Acapella

10:45 Santa arrives




Visit with Santa(bring your own camera)

Wide assortment of local vendors and craft artisans

Raffle Baskets $1 per ticket

Santa Shop-Kids only shopping

Watch DOG

Interested in being a Watch Dog Dad for a day or a half day?? Email to schedule your day :)

Core Value Word of the Month-Trustworthiness with a focus on Perseverance

This month we’re talking about the trait of Perseverance. The dictionary defines it as: “Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” The definition we are using in class is:

Perseverance: the ability to work through situations even when there are obstacles or challenges in the way.

A lot of research today is telling us that the highest indicators of success in our kids isn’t just about their grades or their IQ. The number one skill that helps people of all walks of life be successful is GRIT! The ability to persevere in the face of adversity or even failure. Over the course of the month, we will talk about inspiring people who faced many failures before they found success. We will talk about what it means to navigate tough stuff, even when it feels overwhelming or really hard. We will talk about having a Growth Mindset – to see challenges and failure as an opportunity to grow instead of a brick wall.

Conversation Starters

  • What do you know about rabbits? What do you know about turtles? Which one should win if they were to have a race? Have you heard the story about the Tortoise and the Hare? The hare proudly bragged about his speed and knew that he’d win, so he rested a lot and let himself get sidetracked and distracted. The turtle took a slow and steady approach to the race, plodding along at a pace that was right for him to make sure he had stamina and endurance. In the end, it’s the turtle who wins by a hair. What is this story trying to tell us?
  • Failure is a part of Perseverance. What does it mean to fail? Can you think of a time when you failed and were not able to reach your goal? What are some ways we can respond to failure that are both positive and negative?
  • Share a personal story of Perseverance with your child. What were your challenges? What or who helped you persevere? What tangible steps did you take? What lessons did you learn?
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Volunteer Application

Clear Creek ISD has implemented a new online volunteer application form for parents and community members, which now requires volunteers to register on an annual basis. As of July 15, all volunteer records have been deactivated, and effective July 16, both former and prospective volunteers must apply/reapply using CCISD’s new volunteer application to be eligible for upcoming volunteer opportunities in the 2019-2020 school year. It can take up to 3-4 days to be approved. If you think you may be volunteering this year, go ahead and take care of applying. We appreciate all our volunteers!

Volunteer Application Link-click on the white box below to take you to the application

Click on the link below to access the Amazon Makerspace Wishlist

Lunch Money

We are trying something new this year with lunch money. In the past, if a student had no money in their lunch account, they received a cheese sandwich and milk in place of a tray lunch. We understand that this can be upsetting to a student so we will be allowing a student to borrow money from the principal's account. If your student goes through the line and the cashier sees that they do not have money in their account, she will send the student to the office to borrow money. The student will receive an envelope with a note stating that the student had to borrow money and a request for the money to be returned the next day. Please help us be able to offer this to our students by sending in the money the next day so that we can sustain this process.

Thank you!

Change of Transportation

Reminder, please note that any transportation changes during the school day should be in the form of a written note signed by the parent and/or guardian. If faxing your note to the office, please include student and teacher name, date, and change of transportation with a copy of your driver’s license. The school fax number is 281-284-4105. All transportation changes must be in the office by 2:30 p.m. so we can inform the teacher in time for dismissal. Thank you for your diligence in this matter. *Please note-if calling the school to change transportation, you must be able to fax in your request in writing with a copy of your photo ID. No calls about change in transportation will be allowed unless accompanied with this note. This allows us to ensure that safety procedures are followed and students’ whereabouts are closely monitored.

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